Kimberly Fawcett Smith - Our Candidate

Oprah Winfrey calls Kimberly Fawcett Smith “Superwoman.”

The Canadian Armed Forces has commended her for her work during two operational missions in Afghanistan.

Kimberly Fawcett Smith is passionate and dedicated to Canada and ready to serve the residents of Scarborough Southwest as Member of Parliament.

Her courage in serving her country and overcoming overwhelming personal challenges makes her the right person at the right time for Scarborough Southwest.

Running to be the Conservative Party of Canada Member of Parliament in her home riding of Scarborough Southwest, Kim not only wants to continue giving back to her country and community but to set an example of honour, integrity and determination for all Canadians.

Her own story began growing up in Atlantic Canada and becoming a competitive figure skater and professional in the major ice shows. She traveled to Ottawa for studies at Carleton University and then to Winnipeg for her Master of Architecture at the University of Manitoba.

She was recruited into the armed forces and began her service career as a Combat Engineer, later transferring into the Air Logistics world.  She served in Afghanistan in 2002 and 2008, where she was awarded the Deputy Chief of Defence Staff Command Commendation for her role with the JTF2 Special Forces Special Operations Task Force during her first tour of duty in 2002. She’s served all over North America, including the High Arctic.

Her story took a tragic turn in 2006 when Kim suffered the worst tragedy that can befall a parent, the loss of a child. In a car accident, while she was on duty and executing the family plan, she was also hit with the forced amputation of her leg. This tragedy did not dim Kim’s indomitable spirit, however. She went on to meet challenges and take steps in honour of the steps her young child will never be able to take.

Kim stared down adversity and soldiered on, returning to Afghanistan on active duty with a prosthetic leg. She is the first women ever to serve with a prosthetic in the Canadian Armed Forces in a war zone. To prove to her commanders that she was able she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro – twice.

Drawing on her competitive sport background, she became a Parathlete competing in many world class triathalons. Never letting her voice be silenced, she advocated for women’s involvement in para sports and founded the national charity ParaAthletes of Canada (PAC) which funds adaptive sports equipment for Canadian women and girls living with physical challenges.

In all, Kim served 22 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, with two operational missions in Afghanistan. She was awarded a second Command Commendation for her work with injured soldiers and in establishing the Canadian Forces Injured Soldier Network (CF ISN). In doing so she acts as a role model for those other service men and women severely injured in service of their country.

As she leaves military life Kimberly is at the crossroad of a new career path. She’s well prepared and ready to continue to work for Canada.

Kimberly has been an advocate for women with disabilities in areas of employment, gender equity, and women’s leadership. She was the recipient of CTV’s Amazing Person of the Year 2012, inducted into the Canadian Armed Forces Sports Hall of Fame and awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Kim and her husband, Curtis Smith, live in the riding. They have two dogs including Kim’s service dog, and one cat. Seeing the need for better dog parks in the area, they formed the Scarborough Southwest Dog Owners Association.

As MP for Scarborough Southwest, Kim will bring her passion and her voice to Ottawa as an advocate for all armed forces members, active and retired, and fight for issues of accessibility and responsible government.